Renelle Myers

Dr. Renelle Myers is an interventional respirologist at Vancouver General Hospital and BC Cancer. She is a clinical associate professor at UBC’s department of medicine. She is the medical director of the bronchoscopy program at Vancouver General Hospital and the medical lead for the BC Cancer Smoking Cessation Program.

She recently developed and leads the breathomics lab at the BC Cancer Research Institute, the first in Canada, focused on analysis of volatile organic compounds in breath with a focus on the early detection of lung cancer and the study of the microbiome of the lung.

She completed medical school, internal medicine and a respirology fellowship at the University of Manitoba, and then completed a fellowship in interventional pulmonary at Harvard University. Renelle recently trained at the University of Leicester in the UK to learn about the study of volatile organic compounds in breath. Her lab works at the intersection of clinical practice, patient-centred care and analytic methodology to provide an interdisciplinary approach to advance the prognosis of lung cancer through development of a simple, non-invasive breath test to diagnose early lung cancer.