Nancy Clark

Dr. Nancy Clark studies the mental health impacts of forced migration with refugee and immigrant population groups, including access to health care services and social support systems. She is an affiliate with the Institute on Aging and Life Long Health at the University of Victoria, and co-leads the Health Services and Systems research cluster with a focus on the delivery of health care services from the micro to the systemic levels. She is an assistant professor in nursing in the Faculty of Human and Social Development at the University of Victoria. She specializes in critical qualitative approaches, i.e. intersectionality to promote equitable care and culturally responsive health care services. Nancy has recently been awarded an early career scholar award from the University of Victoria, Faculty of Human and Social Development for outstanding community engaged research. She is also the director for social justice studies, undergraduate interdisciplinary program at the University of Victoria. Nancy’s current research program focuses on co-developing a model for integrated mental health services for refugees in BC.