Michael Asmussen

Dr. Michael Asmussen leads the Foot-Ankle Stability (FASt) Lab. His research program focusses on how the foot and ankle are essential for humans to walk and run. Although walking and running may seem like simple movements, the execution of these tasks is complex — and, for some, difficult. When people experience an impairment that affects the foot and ankle, their ability to walk or run is severely compromised.

Michael’s research seeks to understand the structure, function, and neural control of the foot and ankle during mobility-related tasks throughout the lifecycle. He uses a combination of biomechanical tools, physiological measures, computational modelling, and simulation techniques to answer his research questions. The end goal of this research program is to translate research outcomes into innovative healthcare solutions, including portable assessments of a person’s physical mobility that have lab-based quality, with applications to care in rural and remote areas.

His research program is funded by an NSERC Discovery Grant (2021-2026) and received the inaugural International Society of Biomechanics World Athletics Award (2021).

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