Maya Gislason

Dr. Maya Gislason is an associate professor of Health Sciences at Simon Fraser University, where she leads the Research for Ecosocial and Equitable Transformation (RESET) Team. Maya is also the faculty lead for the Planetary Health Research Group, a Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research Scholar, and an Ecohealth International board member. Maya holds a doctorate in medical sociology from the University of Sussex, a masters in sociology, and a double major in sociology and women’s studies both from the University of Victoria. Maya is a principal investigator on several projects and research programs, including the Environment Community Health Observatory (ECHO) Network. A defining characteristic of her research is the integration of social inequities in health scholarship, intersectionality, and gender-based analysis plus with ecosystem approaches to health. Her research includes topics such as climate change, and focuses on connecting theory to practice with a particular focus on women and children’s health.