Lindsay Hedden

Dr. Lindsay Hedden is an assistant professor in the Faculty of Health Sciences at Simon Fraser University and the assistant scientific director of BC’s Academic Health Science Network.

Hedden’s program of work aims to ensure that all British Columbians can access high-quality primary care when and how they need it. Current areas of focus include the rapid shift to virtual care, driven by the COVID-19 pandemic; measuring current and predicting future supply and demand; and addressing physician workforce issues. Complementary research focuses on the implementation of “learning health systems” to support continuous improvement and innovation across the health system.

Hedden is a quantitative, administrative data specialist, but also has expertise using survey data, patient-reported outcomes, and cost-effectiveness modeling. Her work is grounded in partnerships with the BC Ministry of Health, regional health authorities, health care professionals and patients. As a past post-doctoral Health System Impact Fellow, she worked with the BC Ministry of Health on improved strategies for health workforce planning. She holds a PhD in Population and Public Health from UBC.

For an up-to-date list of publications by Dr. Hedden, please see ResearchGate.