Leandro Venturutti

Dr. Leandro Venturutti began his research career as an undergraduate student at the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina, where he studied the structure and function of a protein lost in the neurodegenerative disease Friedreich Ataxia. For his PhD, he transitioned to the cancer field, exploring mechanisms driving metastatic dissemination and resistance to targeted therapies in breast and gastric tumors.

He then undertook postdoctoral training at the Division of Hematology and Oncology (Weill Cornell Medicine, USA), where he investigated how recurrent mutations in B-cell lymphomas alter the epigenome and contribute to the early stages of transformation.

Leandro was recruited to the BC Cancer Research Institute in 2021 to start his own research group. His goals are to identify and understand the mechanisms driving the progression and dissemination of B-cell lymphomas, as a means to develop minimally invasive diagnostic tools, and novel prophylactic and curative treatments. His group exploits modern high-parameter technologies to study clinical specimens, and develops sophisticated models of disease to tackle profound biological questions with great translational potential.

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