Larry Lynd

Dr. Larry Lynd’s research specialization is in the conduct of state of the art outcomes research and epidemiologic studies including cost-effectiveness and therapeutic risk benefit analysis, measurement of health-related quality of life and patient’s preferences, and pharmacoepidemiology. One of his principal research objectives is to be involved specifically in research that will ultimately translate into improved patient outcomes or be integrated into the decision-making process.

Through Lynd’s involvement with the BC Ministry of Health Expensive Drug for Rare Diseases Advisory Committee, his health economics expertise has helped identify significant knowledge gaps relating to policy and decision-making association with orphan drugs, and expensive drugs for rare diseases. As such, he is the principal investigator of a CIHR-funded national, multi-disciplinary team of economists, epidemiologists, policy research, ethicists, lawyers, clinicians, and knowledge users, to develop new knowledge relating to funding and reimbursement of orphan drugs.

Recent Publications

Zafari Z, Lynd LD, FitzGerald JM, Sadatsafavi M. Economic and health effect of full adherence to controller therapy in adults with uncontrolled asthma: A simulation study. J Allergy Clin Immunol. 2014 May 26. pii: S0091-6749(14)00570-3. doi: 10.1016/j.jaci.2014.04.009. [Epub ahead of print] (PubMed abstract)

Ungar WJ, Hadioonzadeh A, Najafzadeh M, Tsao NW, Dell S, Lynd LD. Quantifying preferences for asthma control in parents and adolescents using best-worst scaling. Respir Med. 2014 Jun;108(6):842-51. doi: 10.1016/j.rmed.2014.03.014. Epub 2014 Apr 15. (PubMed abstract)

Henrich N, Marra CA, Gastonguay L, Mabbott D, Malkin D, Fryer C, Bouffet E, Taylor MD, Hukin J, Scantlebury N, Lynd L. De-escalation of therapy for pediatric medulloblastoma: trade-offs between quality of life and survival. Pediatr Blood Cancer. 2014 Jul;61(7):1300-4. doi: 10.1002/pbc.24990. Epub 2014 Feb 24. (PubMed abstract)

Sadatsafavi M, Lynd LD, Fitzgerald JM. Post-hospital syndrome in adults with asthma: a case-crossover study. Allergy Asthma Clin Immunol. 2013 Dec 23;9(1):49. doi: 10.1186/1710-1492-9-49. (PubMed abstract)

Sadatsafavi M, Rousseau R, Chen W, Zhang W, Lynd L, FitzGerald JM; Economic Burden of Asthma Study Team. The preventable burden of productivity loss due to suboptimal asthma control: a population-based study. Chest. 2014 Apr;145(4):787-93. (PubMed abstract)