Kiffer Card

Dr. Kiffer G. Card is the scientific director of the Canadian Alliance for Social Connection and Health, executive director of the Mental Health and Climate Change Alliance, and an assistant professor with the Faculty of Health Sciences at Simon Fraser University, and a Michael Smith Health Research BC Scholar. He received his training as a behavioural epidemiologist, social ecologist, and health services researcher from Brigham Young University (BSc), Simon Fraser University (PhD), and the University of Victoria (PDF). Building on this training, Kiffer’s research is focused on the ecological, political, and social determinants of health — with an emphasis on understanding how emotional distress and coping responses impact health, well-being, and equity. Kiffer approaches his work by leveraging community-based mixed methods study designs — with an emphasis on theoretically-informed quantitative analyses. He primarily conducts his research among and with marginalized communities, including gay and bisexual men, youth who use drugs, and other populations who experience stigma, discrimination, violence, and social exclusion as a result of their social position and identity.

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