Kiffer Card

Dr.Kiffer Card is a social and behavioural epidemiologist and health services researcher with the Faculty of Health Sciences at Simon Fraser University. His interdisciplinary research program focuses on understanding stigmatized behaviour, the social influences underlying these behaviours, and how behavioural stigma operates within the healthcare system to impact health equity and quality of care for marginalized communities.

Examples of Card’s past research include epidemiological studies on sexual behaviour and substance use; police interactions with youth who use drugs; environmental and climate change related behaviours; loneliness, social isolation, and exclusion; public opinion research on resource allocation decisions; and evaluations of biomedical interventions (including safe supply, pre-exposure prophylaxis, antiretroviral therapy).

In addition to being a recipient of a 2021 MSFHR Scholar award, Card has previously held the 2020 CIHR-IHSPR Rising Star Award, a 2018 MSFHR Research Trainee award, the 2018 Canadian HIV Trials Network Postdoctoral Award, and the 2018 CIHR Health Systems Impact Fellowship.

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