Jude Kornelsen

Dr. Jude Kornelsen is a health services researcher and an assistant professor in the Department of Family Practice at the University of British Columbia.

As co-director of the Centre for Rural Health Research, her primary research focus is on rural health issues, particularly the investigation of appropriate levels of services for rural maternity care and the role of midwifery in contributing to such care. Since 2005, Kornelsen has led multiple mixed methods investigations in rural BC exploring women’s experience traveling to give birth. Some of these investigations have helped provide better understanding of the maternity care needs of women and Aboriginal groups in BC.

Kornelsen also has a more general interest in modalities of birth, specifically women’s choices that are outside the norm of experience. To this end, she has conducted studies on patient-initiated elective cesarean section and unassisted home birth. Kornelsen is a Canadian Institutes of Health Research New Investigator and a Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research Scholar.


University: University of British Columbia
Faculty: Medicine
Department: Family Practice
Position: Assistant Professor

Recent Publications

Kornelsen J, Iglesias S, Humber N, Caron N, Grzybowski S. (2012). GP Surgeons’ Experiences of Training in British Columbia and Alberta: A Case Study of Enhanced Skills for Rural Primary Care providers. Canadian Medical Education Journal, 3(1), e-33-e41.

Kornelsen J, Kotaska A, Waterfall P, Willie L, Wilson D. (2011). Alienation and resilience: The dynamics of birth outside their community for rural First Nations women. Journal of Aboriginal Health, 7 (1), 55-64.

Kornelsen, J., Kotaska, A., Waterfall, P., Willie, L., & Wilson, D. (2010).The geography of belonging: The experience of birthing at home for First Nations women. Health & Place, 16 (4), 638-645.

Kornelsen J, Stoll K, Grzybowski S. (2011). Stress and Anxiety Associated with Lack of Access to Maternity Services for Rural Parturient Women. Australian Journal of Rural Health, 19 (1), 9-14.

Grzybowski, S., Kornelsen, J., & Schuurman, N. (2009). Planning the optimal level of local maternity service for small rural communities: A systems study in British Columbia. Health Policy, 92 (2-3), 149-157.