Jonathan Rayment

Dr. Jonathan Rayment is an early career investigator at BC Children’s Hospital (BCCH) in Vancouver, Canada. His research focuses on the development and implementation of physiologic and imaging biomarkers in pediatric respiratory medicine, with a focus on cystic fibrosis (CF).

He undertook his post-graduate medical training in pediatrics and respiratory medicine at SickKids Hospital in Toronto. He then won a CF Canada Clinical Fellowship to further his clinical expertise in CF at SickKids and developed a research focus in new diagnostic tools for pediatric lung disease.

Dr. Rayment was then recruited as a clinician-scientist to BCCH in 2018 to develop a translational medicine program in paediatric respiratory medicine. He also has a 50 percent research appointment at the University of British Columbia. Since moving to Vancouver in January 2018, he has established an advanced pulmonary physiology lab and a functional pulmonary magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) lab at BCCH.

His clinical focus is on the treatment of children with CF and rare lung disease and he is constantly using his clinical practice as a springboard for the development of new, impactful clinical studies to help this patient population.

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