Janice Sorensen

Dr. Janice Sorensen is leader for clinical research in long-term care and assisted living at Fraser Health. She provides leadership in the management of capacity-building, collaboration, support and execution of research grounded in integrated knowledge translation across the sector in the region. Her role was newly established in July 2020, embedded in a Physician Services Medical Leadership Team in long-term care and assisted living. This team supports a learning health systems leadership approach with leads for research, education and quality improvement in clinical practice.

Sorensen plays an active role in the strategic development of new partnerships for patient-oriented, outcomes-based applied research. For example, she is principal investigator on a BC SUPPORT Unit-funded project to form a partners group, comprised of residents, family/friend care partners and staff, for research in long-term care and assisted living at Fraser Health.

Sorensen is a registered dietitian with experience working clinically in long-term care and assisted living. She completed her MSc and PhD in Clinical Nutrition at the University of Copenhagen; completed a post-doc in Integrated Food Studies, University of Aalborg; and was assistant professor in Global Nutrition & Health, Metropolitan University College (now University College Copenhagen) in Denmark.

She has conducted interdisciplinary translational research on nutrition risk screening, impact of nutrition care on clinical outcome and quality of life of patients, and food in healthcare to optimize intake and reduce waste in Denmark, Canada and internationally.

Recent publications: ResearchGate and Google Scholar