Gloria Puurveen

Dr. Gloria Puurveen’s research centres on the experiences of people living with dementia, particularly how they and their care partners envision living well to the end of life. She is motivated to develop inclusive research methodologies that accentuate the voices of those who might be excluded from research owing to cognitive impairment or communication difficulties. To that end, she is working closely with advisors with dementia and other community partners to develop ‘dementia-friendly research practices’ including guidance for ethics review boards on informed research consent, considerations for inclusive methodologies, and for potential research participants themselves, outlining their rights as human subjects. This work will be presented at three upcoming national and international conferences.

Recently, along with Dr. Alison Phinney (School of Nursing, UBC), Puurveen has been awarded a collaboration grant through UBC to develop research capacity along the Cascadia corridor. With partners from the University of Washington, this collaboration is forging new research directions in the use of virtual reality technologies with people with dementia, arts-based research with people with dementia in hospice, and mindfulness practice of caregivers of people with dementia.

For an up-to-date list of publications by Dr. Puurveen, please see ResearchGate.