Farhia Kabeer

Dr. Farhia Kabeer is a gynae surgeon from Pakistan. Her cancer research took off from MSc at McGill University studying the metastatic potential of breast cancer cells. She was awarded the Provost’s Graduate Fellowship and Grad Excellence Award from the Department of Medicine, McGill University.

Farhia’s PhD research encompassed the fields of cancer genomics, patient derived xenograft (PDX), cancer evolution and translational breast cancer research. She obtained a real-time look at how cancers evolve and why chemotherapies that are initially effective fail over time.

For her accomplishments and publications in high impact journals, she was given a four-year Faculty of Medicine Graduate Award, PALM Trainee Award, and was selected for the President’s Academic Excellence PhD Award, UBC, in 2021. Farhia is now a CIHR fellow at OvCaRe and working on high grade serous ovarian cancer pre-clinical models to test novel combinations therapies for which she received Carraresi foundation award. She is developing humanized mice to create PDX models of gynaecological cancers in the presence of human immune cells.

For an up-to-date list of Farhia’s publications, see ResearchGate. You can also find her publications on her LinkedIn.