Diane Sawchuck

Dr. Diane Sawchuck, RN, PhD holds two academic appointments as adjunct professor, Dept. OBGYN, Faculty of Medicine, UBC & adjunct associate professor, School of Nursing, UVic. Diane is co-director, UVic Centre for Evidence Informed Nursing and Healthcare, UVic, and is the lead, evidence, evaluation and knowledge translation at Island Health. She is current PI for numerous health systems projects including two SSHRC CONNECTION grants for Indigenous community engagement in Cowichan, BC, and a Michael Smith Health Research BC C2 grant for development of an Indigenous Diabetes Prevention Framework for 9 Indigenous Nations across South Island. She recently completed a C2 project around Nurse Practitioner Integration into Primary Care in Island Health, where findings and learnings were concurrently adapted within principles of Learning Health Systems. She is past scientific and operations directors for a multi-million women’s health project funded by the Gates Foundation (Africa and South Asia, 2010-2013). Dr. Sawchuck leads inter-institutional research and QI projects, teaches systematic evidence review & synthesis & mentors graduate students within principles of EDI and high standards of excellence.

Recent publications