David Moore

Dr. David M. Moore is a research scientist at the BC Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS, and an assistant professor in the Department of Medicine, Division of AIDS at the University of British Columbia.

Moore’s research is focused on examining the effects of HIV treatment programs on HIV-related morbidity, mortality and HIV transmission in Uganda. He is currently the principal investigator of two Canadian Institutes of Health Research funded projects in Uganda. The first project examines the outcomes of HIV-infected individuals who have been receiving HIV treatment for more than four years. The second project is a series of secondary analyses from a large randomized trial looking at different ways of monitoring HIV patients receiving treatment. His team in Uganda also recently completed a study examining the effect of HIV treatment on preventing HIV infection among serodiscordant couples in Uganda. Moore is a member of the Canada-Africa HIV Prevention Trials Network, a research capacity building project that involves HIV research teams in Canada, South Africa, Kenya and Uganda.

In addition, Moore conducts research related to HIV treatment in BC using the clinical database of the HIV/AIDS Drug Treatment Program of the BC Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS and is co-principal investigator of a study of sexual and drug using HIV risk behavior among men who have sex with men in BC, which uses respondent-driven sampling to recruit participants.