Clayon B Hamilton

Dr. Clayon B Hamilton’s main research interests include three areas of inquiry: patient engagement in research, outcome measurement, and knowledge translation. He leads the Patient Engagement In Research (PEIRS) study which integrates all three interests towards developing an outcome measure to evaluate the degree to which patients’ engagement as research partners is meaningful and effective.

Working with a research team of patients and academics, his study is addressing the shifting landscape of health research by providing a needed tool for evaluating the practice of patient engagement in research. This fits with his career goal of making substantial contributions toward the optimization of patient engagement in research by providing evidence-based solutions including validated outcome measures to support this area and enhance its science and knowledge base.

Hamilton’s work has already contributed to understanding patient experiences. During his PhD, he examined the measurement of patient’s illness experiences and validated an outcome measure to assess illness perception and behaviour in people with knee pain and knee osteoarthritis.

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