Annalijn Conklin

A former CIHR Postdoctoral Fellow (2014) and Gates Cambridge Scholar (2011), Dr. Annalijn Conklin is an assistant professor at UBC and leads a program of social epidemiology and metabolic outcomes research (SEMOR) to support healthy aging and reduce heart health inequities in women in Canada. Using both quantitative and qualitative research methods, Conklin examines how broader social determinants, such as social ties or job loss, impact cardiovascular risk factors differentially for women and men.

Conklin’s training spans philosophy and biology at the University of Toronto (2002), life sciences at the University of Edinburgh (2005), history and ethics of public health at Columbia University (2007), healthy policy and evaluation at RAND Europe (2011) and social epidemiology at both Cambridge (2014) and UCLA (2016). She currently co-leads the Canada InfoWay Working Group on Social Determinants of Health.

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