Anibal Chertcoff

Dr. Anibal Chertcoff is a postdoctoral fellow at the University of British Columbia under the supervision of Prof. Helen Tremlett. He received his medical degree with honours from the Universidad Maimonides in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He completed advanced clinical training in psychiatry, neurology and multiple sclerosis at the Hospital Británico de Buenos Aires.

In 2019, Anibal received a highly competitive Du Pré award from the Multiple Sclerosis International Federation to work at Prof. Tremlett’s lab at UBC and to conduct a study accessing and analyzing BC’s comprehensive administrative health data that resulted in a first author paper published in a peer‐reviewed multiple sclerosis journal.

Anibal’s current research focuses on characterizing the multiple sclerosis prodrome; the period before the first neurological symptom of multiple sclerosis appears, and when the disease may present with not so clearly defined, subtle symptoms, that may lead patients to seek medical attention years before the actual diagnosis. Specifically, his research centers on better characterizing psychiatric healthcare encounters during this phase of the disease by analyzing administrative health data.