Amrit Singh

Dr. Amrit Singh’s postdoctoral fellowship at the Prevention of Organ Failure (PROOF) Centre of Excellence combines clinical, molecular, computational and statistical disciplines in order to develop a deeper understanding of HF phenotypes and their underlying mechanisms. Specifically, with her team, she is developing blood-based biomarker tests that differentiate patients with heart failure (HF) with reduced ejection fraction (baggy hearts) as compared to preserved ejection fraction (stiff hearts). Further, she is interrogating the molecular mechanisms of HF patients with improved as compared to deteriorated heart function over time. She is also developing novel methodologies for the integration of multiple omic datasets for the classification of HF phenotypes.

Earlier recognition and treatment of HF will significantly reduce the burden of future HF symptoms for individual patients, the frequency of HF hospitalizations, and the risk of premature death while improving quality of life and productive employment. If we integrate systems biological results with social, ethnic, and environmental factors we will ultimately be able to represent risk and disease course in real-time by harnessing the power of systems science.

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