Aline Talhouk

Dr. Aline Talhouk is an assistant professor in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at the University of British Columbia. She is also a principal investigator at OVCARE, BC gynecological cancer research team, where she directs a data science and clinical informatics laboratory. Her research bridges the gap between computational sciences, technology and medicine. She has expertise in the development and the translation of omics signatures to improve diagnosis, prognosis, and response to treatment. Her research proposes to target and tailor prevention and early detection strategies for individuals at risk for endometrial cancer, one of the most common gynecological malignancies in the developed world. Her focus is on using digital technology, AI and personal informatics as well as at home self-testing to bridge the disparity gap in incidence and outcome of this preventable disease.

This program directly addresses the prevention of risk factors, such as obesity, which not only is a driver of cancer but also responsible for over 50 percent of deaths of endometrial cancer survivors.

Talhouk is an MSFHR Scholar. Her work focuses on using precision medicine to drive prevention and management strategies for women with endometrial cancer. She also holds national funding from the Canadian Institute for Health Research and the Canada Foundation for Innovation.

Recent publications