Alexandra Williams

Dr. Alexandra Williams’ key research interests are focused on cardiac function, specifically related to the heart’s autonomic control and structural geometry. These relationships are profoundly altered in cases of traumatic, high-thoracic or cervical spinal cord injury (SCI), which immediately impairs the brainstem and neural control of the heart. This ‘decentralization’ of the nervous system impairs cardiac function, and could have significant implications for the acute management of hemodynamics in SCI patients.

Williams’ current research therefore aims to identify the immediate and acute cardiac consequences of high-level SCI, and determine whether restoring cardiac function post-injury can improve spinal cord blood flow and neurological outcomes in SCI patients. By further testing the efficacy of novel hemodynamic management strategies, she has the unique opportunity to conduct highly translatable studies that could have an immediate impact on the field, and more importantly on patient outcomes.

For an up-to-date list of publications by Dr. Williams, please see ResearchGate.