Alexander Chapman

Dr. Alexander L. Chapman is an associate professor and coordinator of the clinical science area in the Department of Psychology at Simon Fraser University (SFU), as well as president of the Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) Centre of Vancouver.

Chapman received his BA from the University of British Columbia and his MS and PhD in clinical psychology from Idaho State University, following an internship at Duke University Medical Center. He also completed a two-year post-doctoral fellowship at the University of Washington. Chapman directs the Personality and Emotion Research Laboratory at SFU, where he studies the role of emotion regulation in BPD, self-harm, impulsivity, and other behavioural problems. He has published numerous scientific articles and chapters and has given many scientific conference presentations. He regularly gives workshops and invited talks on DBT and the treatment of BPD and consults with and trains clinicians and students.

Chapman has received the Young Investigator’s Award of the National Education Alliance for Borderline Personality Disorder (2007), the Canadian Psychological Association’s (CPA) Early Career Scientist Practitioner Award (2011), and a Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research Career Investigator Award. In addition, Chapman has co-authored five books.


University: Simon Fraser University
Faculty: Arts & Social Sciences
Department: Psychology
Position: Associate Professor and Coordinator, Clinical Science Area

Recent Publications

Chapman, A.L., Dixon-Gordon, K.L., Walters, K.N., & Layden, B.K. (2010). Borderline personality features moderate the effect of a fear induction on impulsivity. Personality Disorders: Theory, Research and Treatment, 1, 139-152.

Chapman, A.L., Walters, K.N., & Dixon-Gordon, K.L. (in press). Emotional reactivity to social rejection and negative evaluation among persons with borderline personality features. Journal of Personality Disorders.

Chapman, A.L., Rosenthal, M.Z., & Leung, D. (2009). Emotion suppression and borderline personality disorder: An experience-sampling study. Journal of Personality Disorders, 23, 27-45.

Harned, M., Chapman, A.L., Dexter-Mazza, E., Murray, A., Comtois, K.A., & Linehan, M.M. (2009). Treating comorbid axis I disorders in chronically suicidal women with borderline personality disorder: A two-year randomized trial of dialectical behavior therapy versus community therapy by experts. Reprinted in Personality Disorders: Theory, Research, and Treatment, 1, 35-45.

Chapman, A.L., Leung, D.W., & Lynch, T.R. (2008). Impulsivity and emotion dysregulation in borderline personality disorder. Journal of Personality Disorders, 22, 148-164.