Who works in rural areas?: Experiences and characteristics shared by long term health care professionals working in rural areas of Northern British Columbia

The recruitment and retention of health care professionals is one of the most pressing challenges facing the Canadian health care system today. BC is competing with the rest of the world to recruit and retain physiotherapists, pharmacists, X-ray technicians, socials workers and other health care professionals. This challenge is even more prevalent for rural and northern BC communities seeking talented professionals. Candice Roberge is researching the experiences and personal characteristics shared by health care professionals who successfully make a career of working in rural, northern BC communities. Her study will provide insight into the kind of people that need to be trained to meet the health care needs of rural BC. With her findings she hopes to assist health authorities target their recruitment strategies towards health professionals who will thrive on the lifestyle and the unique rewards of providing health services in small-town BC. In addition, her research strives to improve health care services and accessibility to services for individuals living in rural BC.