Study of Neurophysiology in Childhood Concussion (SONICC)

Dr. Julia Schmidt’s research investigates the neurophysiology of concussion (mild traumatic brain injury) in children and youth. Dr. Schmidt spent over 10 years as a clinician in brain injury rehabilitation (Australia and Canada) prior to engaging in research training in Australia. She seeks to better understand injuries in order to more effectively determine rehabilitation strategies.

Concussion is a major public health concern, particularly in children and youth due to their vulnerable developing brain. The neurobiology of recovery from concussion in children and youth remains largely unexplored. Dr. Schmidt aims to:

  1. Sensitively quantify the severity and impact of concussion.
  2. Map neurophysiological changes that occur acutely after concussion using transcranial magnetic stimulation.
  3. Determine the time course of change associated with recovery from concussion.

Dr. Schmidt’s study will help to determine if the neurophysiology in children and youth are biomarkers of recovery. In turn, this can be employed as outcome measures in the development of new interventions and inform return to play decision-making.