Staying apart together: Harnessing the power of community-based knowledge and social networks through communication technologies

We wish to create a video that bolsters an increased awareness of how the CanConnect assistive technology can improve the quality and accessibility of virtual social communications, and thereby contribute to the improvement of older adult’s (OAs) wellbeing and mental health. Our research showed that OAs became more interested, engaged, and curious about CanConnect when they saw their friends having positive experiences with loved ones using the technology. In choosing a video as a vehicle for KT, we seek to appeal to viewers and potential research users on a more emotional, intellectual, and communal level, showing the power of using CanConnect technology with family members and friends in everyday interactions. We also believe that showcasing these positive interpersonal interactions on video establishes further trust between researchers and the community. Video represents an opportunity to tell the stories of real people, in real places, living their real lives; and these stories can invite conversation between existing narratives and our own experiences. In consultation with local community partners, within this proposed project, we see an opportunity to re-visit, and potentially re-write stories, together.

Team members: Matilde Cervantes (UVic); Robin Syme (CanAssist); Karen Kobayashi (UVic).