Statistical techniques for genomic research

Genomics is the study of how the information contained in a genome gives rise to organisms and their functioning. This relatively new field of research analyzes vast amounts of data to uncover biological trends that help scientists understand how genes function in living systems. Dr. Jenny Bryan is working to develop new quantitative methods and statistical frameworks required for analysis of large functional genomics data sets. Her work addresses how researchers can find patterns and themes in complex, multidimensional genomic data. With colleagues, Dr. Bryan has pioneered methods of statistical gene expression analysis and has created a software program to implement these methods. Her software is currently being used by the world’s second largest biotechnology company. After she completed her PhD in 2001, Dr. Bryan elected to join Vancouver’s burgeoning computational biology and genome sciences community. Along with her dual appointment in the UBC Biotechnology Laboratory and Department of Statistics, she is also a faculty member in the MSFHR/CIHR Strategic Training Program in Bioinformatics.