Shared journeys in mental health: Building community partnerships for mental health support in older adults

Our mission is simple: We want to make mental health research better by involving the community more actively. When communities participate, research improves, stigma reduces, and more people benefit from the findings.

Here’s our plan for the year:

1. Reconnect: We’ll start by chatting with our Research Advisory Panel, which consists of a group of older adults in the community, to understand their experiences and needs post-pandemic.

2. Reach Out: We’ll spread the word about our project in community centres, via newsletters, and online platforms, inviting everyone interested to join us.

3. Learn Together: Through workshops, we’ll work with our partners and the Panel to brainstorm research questions and designs.

4. Collect Insights: We’ll host focus groups, interviews, and send out surveys to gather a wide range of perspectives on mental health research.

5. Empower: We’ll host training sessions on research methods to equip our partners with the tools they need to actively participate in the research and use the findings in their communities.

Our approach is rooted in respect, reciprocity, and co-learning. By involving the community at every step, we aim to make our research more meaningful and impactful.