Renal function and cardiovascular outcomes in patients with atherosclerotic renal artery stenosis

Renal artery stenosis is the narrowing of the arteries that supply blood to the kidneys. Research on the progression of kidney and cardiovascular disease in patients with this condition is limited. Dr. Nadia Zalunardo is examining whether kidney disease progresses more quickly in people with renal artery stenosis. Nadia is also studying whether people with the condition have higher rates of mortality, cardiovascular events such as stroke, heart attack and heart failure, and vascular procedures such as amputations and bypass surgery. The research could increase understanding about whether treating cardiovascular risk factors, such as diabetes, high blood pressure and elevated cholesterol, slows the progression of kidney disease and improves outcomes in patients with renal artery stenosis. The findings could also enable nephrologists (physicians specializing in treating kidney disease) to better project the need for dialysis and improve care for patients with kidney disease.