Remission Possible: A knowledge translation project to inform British Columbians with Type 2 diabetes that remission is possible

Type 2 diabetes (T2D) is traditionally viewed as a chronic, progressive condition that someone has for life. Our research, and that of others, now shows it is possible to drive T2D into remission through specific diet and lifestyle changes. T2D remission means that blood sugars are back in the normal range with no medications needed; it represents a new way of viewing T2D which provides hope for those affected. Research shows T2D remission is achievable, but now we need a public outreach program to alert as many British Columbians as possible to this news and connect them with helpful resources. We will implement a KT initiative including: 1) Video and graphic media products that we create; 2) Earned mainstream media coverage; and 3) A social media campaign, which amplifies the first two elements and drives viewers to a web platform,, which will connect them with T2D remission resources. Given how broadly T2D affects British Columbians and what a “feel good” story this is, we anticipate significant interest with mainstream and social media. By carefully tracking results (impressions and web traffic), we will improve our reach and learn valuable lessons to inform future KT initiatives.

Team members: Damien Gillis; Barbara Oliveira (UBC Okanagan); Tom Elliot (UBC); Sean McKelvey (Institute for Personalized Therapeutic Nutrition, not-for-profit); Marc Pelletier (Institute for Health Systems Transformation and Sustainability, not-for-profit); Deanne Taylor (Interior Health); Kathleen Martin Ginis (UBC Okanagan and Centre for Chronic Disease Prevention and Management); Krista Lamb; JJ Belanger; Chris Xi.