Regulation of thyroid hormone-dependent apoptosis and proliferation by the ING tumour suppressor

Thyroid hormones are critical for proper growth and development and are equally important in maintaining good health. Research has shown that these hormones play a key role in regulatory pathways that ensure cells act appropriately when signaled to grow, divide or undergo apoptosis (programmed cell death). Many molecules are involved in these pathways including proteins that are known to contribute to cancer progression. Dr. Caren Helbing is investigating the relationship between ING protein (a growth inhibitor) and thyroid hormones. ING’s tumour-suppressing action is reduced in many cancers, including a subset of breast cancers. Dr. Helbing is exploring how ING may be involved in regulating the way a cell responds to thyroid hormones. Clarifying the relationship between ING and thyroid hormones, may provide new insight into the ways cancer cells bypass normal cellular controls that normally would cause their destruction.