A program of research on optimizing trauma-informed practice in sexual, reproductive and HIV-related health services among marginalized women

Marginalized cisgender (cis) and transgender (trans) women experience high levels of gender-based violence, defined as violence perpetrated against someone based on their gender, gender expression, gender identity or perceived gender, as well as multiple forms of stigma. With the overarching aim to optimize trauma- and violence-informed approaches to enhance access to sexual and reproductive care and HIV prevention and treatment, this research program aims to work closely with marginalized cis and trans women to:

AIM 1. Launch a program of research that will i) develop an evidence base to describe complex relationships between and mechanisms linking gender-based violence and multiple forms of stigma with sexual and reproductive health access, and access to HIV treatment and care; and ii) develop innovative metrics, methodologies and tools to advance an understanding of gender-based violence and stigma and trauma- and violence informed care and practice;

AIM 2. Create a research and training platform to develop and inform innovative community-based interventions tailored for and with marginalized women to inform program and policy interventions.