Planning to enhance capacity for equity-oriented cancer care in BC


  • Michael McKenzie 
    BC Cancer

Team members: 

  • Leah Lambert 
    BC Cancer, UBC
  • Annette Brown
  • Kelli Stajduhar
  • Stuart Peacock
    BC Cancer
  • Fuschia Howard
  • Jagbir Kaur
    BC Cancer
  • Scott Beck
  • Helen McTaggart-Cowan

Early diagnosis and timely treatment are vital to ensure the best outcomes for cancer patients. While major advancements have improved cancer outcomes, alarming differences exist for people who experience social and health inequities. Often, people from marginalized populations present with advanced cancers and have challenges accessing care for diagnosis and treatment due to effects of: structural inequities; impacts of racism, discrimination and stigma; and mismatches between usual approaches to care and individuals’ needs.

Through a series of four virtual meetings, we will bring together healthcare providers, operational leaders, community partners and academic experts to reflect on and discuss the ways in which current cancer care practices, policies and systems are contributing to inequities. Meetings will be aimed at discussing health equity and the state of cancer differences in BC to develop a clear understanding of the problem and to identify challenges and opportunities. Our goal is to establish collaborative partnerships, facilitate knowledge exchange and develop a research proposal to investigate recommendations and solutions for promoting equity in cancer care and improving disparities in cancer outcomes in BC.