Physician-led low-carbohydrate therapeutic nutrition for Type 2 diabetes: Building on a grass-roots movement in BC and beyond

Research co-leads:

Research user co-lead:

  • Sean McKelvey
    Institute for Personalized Therapeutic Nutrition

Team members:

  • Barbara Allen Bradshaw
    Low-Carbohydrate Physician Group
  • Cody Durrer
    University of British Columbia
  • Mary Jung
    University of British Columbia Okanagan
  • Karim Khan
    University of British Columbia
  • J. Kler
    Low-Carbohydrate Physician Group
  • J. Kozoriz 
    Low-Carbohydrate Physician Group
  • Carol Loffelman
    University of Toronto
  • Sean Mark
    Approach Analytics
  • Barb Reece
    Institute for Personalized Therapeutic Nutrition
  • Deanna Roberts 
    Low-Carbohydrate Physician Group
  • Laura Saslow
    University of Michigan
  • Adriaan Windt
    University of British Columbia

BC physicians began a low-carbohydrate physician group in 2016, which has grown to over 1,000 members. These physicians have seen tremendous success in stabilizing glucose, improving triglycerides, and reducing or eliminating the need for glucose lowering medications in their patients. No research has been conducted and no formalized data collection has occurred to document this innovative Type 2 diabetes treatment strategy. The goal of this project is to mobilize, coordinate, and expand this group to create a formalized network conducting research. Physicians, researchers, and knowledge users including eHealth technology experts and non-profit foundations will meet to co-create a roadmap for this research. The objectives of this proposed work is to organize a group of identified experts and collaborate on developing:

The expected outcomes will enhance the effectiveness of primary care in Type 2 diabetes and build the foundation for subsequent research and knowledge translation related to training primary care physicians on how to safely and effectively implement low-carbohydrate therapeutic nutrition.