Optimal pregnancy and postpartum health for everyone

After childbirth, mothers are at risk of death and disease. Patient engagement can improve the relevance and impact of research in this area; however, patient partners often do not reflect the diversity of the community. This limits the research and its results. This is especially important in BC, which is the most ethnically diverse province in Canada. The proposed research project aims to answer the following three questions: 1) How can we improve the diversity of patient partners in pregnancy and postpartum-related research? 2) Is a mobile application appropriate and acceptable for self-screening of postpartum complications? 3) What is the frequency, timing, and factors associated with postpartum complications and hospital readmissions in BC? The proposed research will promote equitable representation of pregnant and postpartum individuals in research, improving our understanding of their health and health concerns. It will be a core component of my portfolio of patient-oriented maternal health research in BC and globally.