Non-surgical cosmetic procedures: health, body image and aging

Non-surgical cosmetic procedures (chemical peels, botox injections, laser hair removal, injectable fillers) are becoming more common than cosmetic procedures (breast augmentation, face lifts, liposuction). Non-surgical procedures are less expensive than cosmetic procedures and thus accessible to more people. To date, research into the perception and experience of non-surgical procedures, which are often viewed as more acceptable, less intrusive and medically risky, have largely been ignored. Dr. Laura Hurd Clarke is examining the perceptions and experiences of women aged 50+, both users and non-users of non-surgical cosmetic procedures as well as the perspectives of physicians who provide the treatments. She is interested specifically in analyzing the relationship between women’s attitudes towards non-surgical cosmetic procedures and their perceptions of health, healthy living, aging and body image. Results from her research will provide insights into the changing norms and social acceptance of the ‘medicalization’ of age-related appearance and a better understanding of the continued blurring of the relationship between health and beauty in contemporary society.