Move the north: Development of a research agenda and action plan for physical activity in northern BC

Research co-leads:

  • Chelsea Pelletier
    University of Northern British Columbia 

Research user co-lead:

  • Sandra Allison
    Northern Health

Team members:

  • Sabrina Dosanjh-Gantner
    Northern Health
  • Guy Faulkner
    University of British Columbia 
  • Gloria Fox
    Northern Health
  • Robin Keahey
    University of Northern British Columbia 
  • Anne Pousette
    Promotion of Wellness in Northern BC
  • Drona Rasali
    BC Centre for Disease Control

Chronic disease risk factors, such as physical inactivity, are more prevalent in the region served by the Northern Health in BC. This vast geographic region is sparsely populated, culturally diverse, and has high variability in infrastructure and knowledge regarding physical activity. With a passionate team of health service providers, researchers, policy makers, and community leaders, this project will develop a set of actionable research questions, identify research priorities, and create a plan for increasing physical activity, improving chronic disease risk factors, and reducing health inequities in northern BC.

This will be accomplished with a two-day physical activity summit consisting of a higher-level meeting focused on advancing health policy, and a second day that engages people working on the ground in physical activity program delivery. Outcomes of this initiative will include a research agenda rooted in community needs and the creation of a Northern Physical Activity Coalition that includes representation from a broad range of passionate researchers and research users.