Mapping Social Epidemiology of British Columbia: COVID19 Pandemic and Psycho Social and Occupational Well-being of Frontline Health-care Workers in BC

Insights in to Psycho-social wellbeing of health care workers during the COVID19 outbreak is crucial for health equity policy making. Untreated guilt, anxiety and depression among frontline health-care workers (FHCWs) often lead to resignations, poor work performance and burnout. Locating systems approaches in social epidemiologic research, we investigate the COVID19 phenomena and the wellbeing of FHCWs in the home care and Long-term Care Facilities (LTCFs) in BC. By capturing spatial, temporal and social determinants of COVID19 pandemic intersecting race, culture and working conditions of FHCWs, we build an agent-based model and identify complex behavior patterns that influence the quality of care and self-care strategies and to prevent high burdens of illness in key populations in BC.