Let’s ride! Supporting individuals at risk of type 2 diabetes who self-identify as an ethnic minority in a community-based diabetes prevention program using electrically assisted bicycles

Interventions to prevent the progression of prediabetes to type 2 diabetes (T2D) are needed. This need is greater among individuals self-identifying as an ethnic minority in Canada, because they are at greater risk for developing T2D and at a younger age than individuals of European descent. While there is strong evidence that physical activity (PA) can reduce diabetes progression, adherence to PA is poor following diabetes prevention programs. Compounding this problem, diabetes prevention programs are failing to reach ethnically diverse populations. Alternative methods of promoting PA that is appealing to ethnoculturally diverse populations is needed. Electrically assisted cycling is an activity that can lead to positive health outcomes. E-bikes enable people to exercise outside and may reduce barriers of access to, and cultural resistance to joining, an exercise facility. This research will examine the effectiveness of using e-bikes as a method of increasing PA among individuals identifying as an ethnic minority who are at risk of developing T2D in interior BC. This research will provide information on a new, alternative form of promoting PA as part of a diabetes prevention program that can be used to tailor existing programs.