In vitro diagnostics for frontotemporal dementia

Frontotemporal dementia (FTD) is a group of devastating brain diseases associated with progressive decline in behavior, language, and movement. FTD is the second most common form of dementia in those under 65 years of age. In the early stages of diseases when symptoms are very mild, FTD can be difficult to identify as its symptoms are similar to other neurological disorders like Alzheimer’s disease. Therefore, a reliable biofluid test is needed to help with early and accurate diagnosis of FTD. In this project, I will use state-of-the-art analytical techniques to develop a diagnostic test that can identify individuals with FTD. I will examine how the test performs in individuals with FTD compared to other diseases that have similar symptoms to FTD. This project will result in the creation of new diagnostic tests for the early detection of FTD. Early and accurate diagnosis of dementia is critical to ensure efficient access to medical care and social programs and will help researchers in developing new treatments for FTD.