HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis implementation to key priority populations across British Columbia: Towards HIV elimination


Executive sponsor:

  • Mark Gilbert

What are the barriers and facilitators to optimizing HIV Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) implementation in different geographies and priority populations across BC?

HIV PrEP is now universally covered in BC for those deemed at high risk for HIV; however, there is still sub-optimal uptake and adherence of PrEP for a wide range of reasons, including a lack of understanding of PrEP effectiveness, low perception of HIV risk, lack of awareness, and social stigma.

This project will synthesize available surveillance, administrative, and survey data to provide quarterly reports for different regions to provide crucial information on uptake of PrEP at initiation of program/intervention, changes over time, and trend analyses. For example, data from the BC Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS (BCCfE) DTPPrEP database on PrEP program users could be linked to inform PrEP referral and uptake based on risk indicators.

This research could also link to qualitative interviews and focus groups with providers and patients regarding health care, social and other barriers. Social community mapping activities could also be used within different communities/regions to better understand the health care networks and community members’ experience trying to navigate these to access PrEP.

Key outcomes from this project will be supporting health authorities, community groups, health care providers, and patients to use PrEP; and contributing towards HIV elimination.