Exploring Health Professional Attitudes towards Parent-of-Origin-Aware Genomic Analysis: Hereditary Cancer and Beyond

Genetic changes can cause hereditary syndromes, and genetic testing can detect these changes. Parents may pass genetic changes to their children, and these changes can run in families. Unfortunately, if a parent cannot be tested, it is harder to understand test results, counsel patients, and test other family members.
Parent of Origin Aware Genomic Analysis (POAga) is brand new test which may predict which parent has passed down a genetic change. This prediction may work even when the parent cannot be tested. Vancouver researchers reported on POAga earlier this year, and we hope that it will lead to faster testing and better counselling. POAga should still be discussed with the health professionals who order genetic testing. This includes geneticists, genetic counsellors, and medical oncologists.
This project will help bring this brand-new research from the laboratory to the genetics clinic. After watching a short video about POAga, participants will be able to ask questions. Then, we will lead focus groups gathering their own questions, concerns, and opinions. The information we learn will help us develop future educational resources for these professionals.