An evaluation of the full circle project: The effects of a theatre-based HIV prevention intervention on audience and actor/educator learning

What are the best ways to ensure young people listen to and act upon information about avoiding high risk sexual behaviours? This is the research focus for Josephine MacIntosh, who is delving into the individual, social and cultural factors that may perpetuate the epidemics of HIV and sexually transmitted diseases, especially among young women. Josephine is studying the effectiveness of using a theatre-based intervention program among youth aged 13 to 15. The theatre productions will consist of a series of original dramatic productions researched, scripted, produced and presented by youth volunteers. She hopes to develop an educational approach that can engage the audience and actors as they learn about issues such as abstinence, treatment of HIV and sexually transmitted disease, pregnancy prevention, decision-making, peer-pressure, negotiation for safer sex and alternative safer sexual behaviours.