An Evaluation of an Asthma Education Program in a Pediatric Emergency Department

The increasing prevalence in asthma diagnoses in North America over the 1980s and early 1990s has led to increased asthma-related admissions and emergency visits at pediatric institutions. In many cases however early intervention at home may have been a superior method of treatment for milder cases. In an effort to increase parental and patient knowledge about early interventions many asthma education initiatives have been launched. Studies to date on the effectiveness of these initiatives have been mixed. Jay Joseph is assessing retention of knowledge about asthma by specifically studying asthma exacerbation cases presented at the emergency department of BC’s Children’s and Women’s Health Centre. From these cases Jay is analyzing general parental knowledge of asthma and their knowledge of how to cope with specific exacerbation scenarios. Ultimately, Jay hopes results from his study will contribute to reducing GP/pediatrician consultation rates and repeat emergency visit and readmission rates.