Engaging the unengaged: Using CPBR to develop a brief animated “explainer video” on the elevated risks of BRCA gene mutations in BC’s young adult Jewish community

Genetic knowledge is important for Jewish people who are especially susceptible to risks of genetic mutations of the BRCA genes and BRCA consequences which increase the lifetime risk of developing breast, ovarian, prostate, and pancreatic cancers, lymphoma and melanoma. The earlier an individual knows that she/he has the mutation, the better the chances for cancer risk mitigation and monitoring. In the general young adult Jewish population, there is often little motivation to learn about BRCA mutations; however, learning about BRCA mutations is most pertinent when one is young and healthy and able to take steps to prevent cancers. Our aim is to develop an animated “explainer” video to improve awareness and education about BRCA among the local young adult population in partnership with young adults in the BC Jewish community. This video is envisioned as brief (60-90 seconds), entertaining, animated video offering “a taste” of information about the BRCA genes and their importance for young people especially those with Jewish heritage. We will use an evidence-based dialogic, CBPR model to engage young people in BC to help us with video content and dissemination which will be multi-faceted and youth-driven.

Team members: Catriona Remocker (BRCAinBC); Beti Thompson (BRCAinBC); Stephanie Lam (Gynecologic Cancer Initiative).