Effect of exogenous ketone supplementation on brain blood flow, metabolism, and cognitive function in Type II Diabetes

Exogenous ketone body (KB) ingestion is an emerging therapeutic strategy for combating the harmful health conditions associated with type 2 diabetes (T2D), including a heightened risk for neurological disease and cognitive decline.

Evidence from animal models and early studies in humans supports its potential; however, high-quality research trials examining the effect of KB ingestion on brain function in humans with T2D have not been performed.

Dr. Walsh’s research will investigate the acute (single dose) and short-term (14 day) effects of KB supplementation on aspects of brain function in people with T2D, including measures of cognition (i.e., memory and attention) and circulating growth factors related to cognition.

The results of this research will help determine the therapeutic potential of exogenous KB supplementation for improving brain, vascular, and metabolic health in people with T2D.