Drawing on decolonizing and intersectional research approaches to inform action for health equity and reproductive justice among Indigenous women, Two-Spirit and gender diverse people

Health and social inequities faced by Indigenous women continue be shaped by ongoing systemic colonialism. My research program draws upon Indigenous and decolonizing methods to establish an empirical evidence base to inform interventions and action. Specific objectives include: 1) To draw upon Indigenous methodologies, community and arts-based approaches to understand Indigenous reproductive and maternal health experiences, identifying factors that influence access culturally-safe and trauma informed care; 2)Through intersectional, feminist and decolonial lenses understand how socio-structural factors facilitate or mitigate access to responsive justice systems, identifying community-led and strengths-based responses for Indigenous women who have experienced violence; 3) Examine and evaluate policies and initiatives aimed at addressing the MMIWG calls to justice for marginalized Indigenous women (including women living with HIV and in sex work). Map and innovative strategies and inform evidence-based actions for the development of structural, community-based and Indigenous-led responses; 4)Explore and map marginalized Indigenous women’s primary care experiences using cultural and arts-based methods to inform innovative interventions.