Developing a collaborative research agenda to improve the care of patients living with metastatic breast cancer in British Columbia

Metastatic breast cancer (MBC) affects up to 30 percent of women with early breast cancer and represents up to 10 percent of new breast cancer diagnoses. It is one of the most common causes of death from cancer amongst females. The availability of new treatments has improved survival; however, the treatments are very toxic. There is a trade-off between managing treatment toxicity for these patients, in terms of extending survival and maintaining a decent quality of life. Constant treatment and monitoring are required; this results in a burden at the patient and at the health systems levels. Through a series of virtual meetings, we will bring together front-line cancer care providers, academic researchers, and patients and families to reflect and share their experiences about the MBC care in BC. The meetings will aim to discuss the facilitators and barriers to accessing specialized MBC care. Our goal is to establish partnerships, encourage knowledge exchange, and develop a collaborative research agenda to ensure quality care for individuals living with MBC in BC.

Team members: Stephen Chia (BC Cancer); Leah Lambert (BC Cancer); A. Fuchsia Howard (UBC – School of Nursing); Robert Olson (BC Cancer); Fiona Mitchell (BC Cancer); Scott Beck (BC Cancer); Jagbir Kaur (BC Cancer); Sara Izadi-Najabadi (BC Cancer); Nathalie LeVasseur (BC Cancer).