The demand for hereditary cancer services

The Hereditary Cancer Program at the BC Cancer Agency provides genetic testing and counseling services. The demand for these services in BC depends on many factors, each of which is subject to change. Factors include the growing knowledge in basic, applied and social sciences relating to hereditary cancer; the size of BC’s population and its characteristics in terms of age, ethnicity and family size; the evolving criteria by which people are deemed eligible for services; and people’s desire for these services. Through his research, Dr. Chris Bajdik is determining the demand for hereditary cancer services in BC and predicting how this demand may change in the future. He has created a computerized simulation model of the BC population, based on information about demography, cancer epidemiology and etiology, genetics, genetic technology, and human behaviour. The results from this model will help the BC Cancer Agency plan its services and assess the health benefits and costs of its Hereditary Cancer Program.