Critical Illness Survivorship: Evidence to Design Patient-Centred Interventions

Over 80% of patients who are treated in the intensive care unit (ICU) for a life-threatening illness face reduced physical health, emotional wellbeing and quality of life. Up to half of patients discharged from the ICU are readmitted to hospital within a year with complex medical conditions. This is a tremendous cost of cure for survivors and their family caregivers. Services for patients with complex medical conditions and/or frail patients is a BC Health System Priority.

This research aims to identify patient- and family-perspectives for designing healthcare services that meet their needs. The primary study will involve interviewing ICU patient survivors, their family members and healthcare providers to map the causes of hospital readmission.

These results will inform the design of services to reduce hospital readmissions. The results of these studies will be shared with national and international researchers and clinicians to benefit patients across Canada.