Comparative and functional genomic analysis of a gene dense, GC rich region at chromosome 7q22 associated with myeloid leukemias and male infertility

Michael Wilson’s doctoral research focuses on a fragile region of the human genome, 7q22, which has been linked to leukemias, hemochromatosis (a genetic disease that causes excessive build-up of iron in body tissues), male infertility and schizophrenia. Besides preparing a detailed map of all 7q22 genes and elements that regulate their expression, Wilson is also working with a bioinformatics group at Penn State to design a web-based program that interactively displays the gene sequence data. He is also investigating the function of two specific genes, including one that plays a role in fertility. Wilson hopes the research will provide essential information for narrowing in on cancer and schizophrenia-related genes, and also provide insight into male infertility.